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How to Optimise Space in Your New-Build Apartment

There’s no doubt about it; the cost of buying property in the UK is rising at an exponential rate. Not only this, but buying is also estimated to be 20% more expensive than renting, as the cost of both houses and apartments continues to increase at a disproportionate rate to average earnings.

As if this was not enough, properties are also getting smaller. The average size of a new-build, three bedroom home is a staggering four square metres smaller than the government recommendations, for example, while individual apartments are also decreasing in size as the drive to build more accommodation nationwide.

This creates a significant challenge for anyone who is fortunate enough to invest in real estate in the current climate, but there are practical steps that you can take to optimise the amount of space at your disposal when buying a new apartment. These include: –

1. Optimise the Square Footage in Your Home

We often evaluate space in relation to a basic floor plan, but this highlights a fundamental misunderstanding of square footage and the exact size of each individual rule. In fact, square footage refers to the volume of a particular room or space, and includes the distance between the floor and the ceiling.

This presents an opportunity to introduce innovative storage solutions throughout your apartment, from floor to ceiling wall units in the kitchen to similarly proportioned shelves and bookcases. This utilises often overlooked wall space, while it also ensures that you optimise the square footage within any given space.

2. Use Decor to Drive Minimalism and Create the Illusion of Space

When we decorate, there is often an overwhelming urge to fill limited wall space with pictures, artwork and decorative adornments. While you may feel that these enhance the visual appeal of your apartment, however, it also constrains the space and creates an oppressive living environment.

With this in mind, a sensible solution may be to select decorative and functional furnishings that negates the need to clutter your existing wall space. Furnishings such as curtains, voiles and linens are integral to the creation of a comfortable home, but they do not take up excess space and can be purchased in an array of colours and designs to breathe life into your interior.

Above all else, this enables you to create a stylish décor that drives a minimalist ethos, which in turn optimises the sense of space within your home.

3. Invest in Multi-purpose Fixtures and Furniture

There is a sense of opportunism among all retailers, particularly those that operate within the home and leisure space. This is reflected by the fact that many brands and designers have responded positively to the challenges posed by smaller properties, primarily by creating innovative, multi-purpose pieces of furniture that optimise the amount of interior space available.

From in-built, fold-away desks to chairs that include integrated storage space, these innovations help you to create functional rooms that make the most of their available space. Such items can also save you money, whether you are refurbishing your own apartment or creating desirable properties for the rental market.

Whether you are a landlord with multiple apartments to let or a home-owner that simply wishes to create a comfortable living environment, these steps will help you to make the most of your space and enhance the value proposition of your property.

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