Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture Buying Guide 2017

While it is crucial that you invest in the structural quality and the external design of your hotel, the interior is arguably even more important if you aim to deliver a high quality experience to guests. Read more

Hotel profits and budgeting

5 Ways To Boost Profits For Your Small Hotel

No matter what type of business you run, achieving a sustainable profit is certain to be your primary objective. The nature of your business will influence how you strive to achieve this aim, as there are some industries in which attempting to increase your margins is challenging in the extreme. Read more

Keeping guests happy at hotel

5 Tips To Keep Your Hotel Guests Happy

As marketers can testify, it is approximately six-times more expensive to win new customers than to retain existing patrons. This represents a significant difference, and one that highlights the importance of developing a defined marketing strategy. Read more

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel Housekeeping Guide – 6 Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Make no mistake; working as a hotel housekeeper can not only be a thankless task, but it is also one that can be can be gruelling, intense and challenging in equal measure.
Read more

Hotel space

How to Optimise Space in Your New-Build Apartment

There’s no doubt about it; the cost of buying property in the UK is rising at an exponential rate. Not only this, but buying is also estimated to be 20% more expensive than renting, as the cost of both houses and apartments continues to increase at a disproportionate rate to average earnings.

As if this was not enough, properties are also getting smaller. The average size of a new-build, three bedroom home is a staggering four square metres smaller than the government recommendations, for example, while individual apartments are also decreasing in size as the drive to build more accommodation nationwide. Read more


What Are the Different Types of Hotel, and Which One is Right for You?

While it may tempting to think that, aside from subtle differences in price and facilities, all hotels are fairly similar in their nature.

This is a huge misconception, however, as there are in fact various different categories of hotel and accommodation outlets accessible in the world today. Many of these are variations of the classic, independent hotel, while they are also part of a vibrant market that offers significant choice to travellers. Read more