Sometimes, a fresh approach can make all the difference.

This is something that defines our outlook at Fresh Furnishings, and in fact it has done ever since our journey began. It has always been our goal to bring innovative solutions to the hospitality sector in projects throughout the UK.

Armed with a knowledge, a passion and a selection of creative minds, we aimed to break the mould and create bespoke furnishings that helped our clients to achieve a balance between style, function and affordability.

As it turned out; however, this was just the beginning.

In the years that have passed since, we have developed our personal service and gained considerable expertise and expanded our product range, enabling us to successfully serve new markets and customers. These include hotel groups, independent and boutique hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants and even student accommodation, and as our experience has grown so too has our reputation for excellence, innovation and value for money.

While our business may have grown and branched out into a host of exciting new markets during the course of our journey, some things have remained the same ever since our inception. Take the quality of our service; for example, which is designed to provide end-to-end furnishing solutions. From the initial consultation, recommendations through to the manufacturing process and the final installation.

Other things remain unchanged too, such as our focus on completing projects on time and in a cost-effective manner. There are numerous elements to this of course, such as working with clients to get the most from their unique budgets and ensuring that their deadlines are met without compromising on the quality of the workmanship.

As with any journey, we have met some amazing people along the way. We are proud to have built some incredibly strong relationships with our customers, which are based on shared values such as trust and an innate willingness to listen. This ensures that we realise our customers vision and create a furnishing solution that offers true value for money.

Regardless of your exacting needs and standards, and whether you want a traditional, contemporary, uniform or eclectic look throughout your business, we will focus on delivering a fresh approach that brings your unique vision to life.