No matter what type of hotel or accommodation you own or manage, the experience of your guests is likely to be your main priority. It is important to create stylish interiors that reflect the nature of your establishment and the price you charge your customers, whether you adopt a uniform design theme throughout or decorate each room individually.

At Fresh Hotel Furnishings, we understand the challenges you face and have created an end-to-end furnishing solution to help you meet them. From soft furnishings and upholstery to high quality linens and filled products, our design-led approach will create the right bespoke product to fit your budget. Our services are for everyone from independent hotels to international groups, boutique hotels, apartments, and student accommodation, while we also supply custom-made, contract furnishings to interior designers throughout the UK.

As an inclusive service provider, we welcome a challenge, regardless of your budget or the scope of works required.

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Fresh Hotel Furnishings offer a complete furnishing solution for independent hotels, hotel groups and more.


Fresh Hotel Furnishings offer a range of soft furnishings, upholstery, filled products and quality linens.


Take a look at some of the projects we’ve carried out for independent hotels and hotel groups across the UK.


At Fresh Furnishings, not only do we understand these demands, but we have also created an end-to-end furnishing solution to help meet them. From soft furnishings and upholstery to high quality linens and everything in-between, our design-led approach creates bespoke products for a diverse range of clients. This includes hotels, boutiques, apartments, leisure outlets and even student accommodation,  while we have also supplied custom-made, contract furnishings for interior designers throughout the UK.

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